Need 2D artists

Hey, my name is Zak and I’m a programmer that needs some artists. I am a 3D artist as well but I am no 2D artist :frowning:
(here is a picture of one of my models while it was still a WIP )

What we need
-Pixel Artists for Characters and Character Animation
-Pixel Artists for Environment
-Pixel Artists for Effects
-Traditional or Digital Artists for Concepts

So I’m searching the interwebs for fun people who want to meet some other people with similar interests and have fun making a game together. The game will be done in pixel art, I am hoping to find talent that can replicate the detail from Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Not copy the art but do pixel art in that detail. That is the dream though, if you don’t think you are up to that but are still interested then please don’t hesitate to contact me and send me a small portfolio of your pixel work.

We’ve got a story lined up and the gameplay and I’m getting started writing the code. Now we need you’s guys!

If you’re interested then send me an email with the subject “2D Game” and tell me which position(s) you want and a small portfolio of your applicable art/animations :slight_smile: Then I’ll email you back with the story we have thus far along with our work pipeline and something for you to start working on.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll give it a shot!

Email: [email protected]

Hey! Nice to see you’re still doing stuff. Your older work was quite good.
I’d be all over this if I was (a) motivated and (b) a 2D artist.
Good luck and all that!


step 1 = get spritefy by fweeb

step 2 = get good with NPR 3d modelingn low detail, clean lines

step 3 = bake 2d sprite sheets from your 3d NPR freestyle models

step 4 = collect underwear

step 5 = profit

Haha thanks pqftgs!
@BluePrintRandom, thanks for the suggestion but I want to work with a team. I could do every job for this game and I would as long as, by the time I was done, no time had passed since I began :wink: I wanna make some 2D friends. I’m so tired of, and nothing kills motivation more than, working by myself on all my projects.