Need 2D into 3D gaming miniature model (new to this)

Hi, I’d like to get a 3D model made that I could take to a 3D printing service to create a miniature for a game. The miniature would be about 3cm tall to incredibly detail isn’t important, just enough that it could be painted to look kinda-sorta like the original image. I’m driving it based on an anime character. An image of them can be found at the link at the bottom. Last up, I have absolutely no idea what the right price is to pay here. I don’t want to be cheap, but I don’t want to get fleeced, so advice on what is generally appropriate for this kind of work would be appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who responds for their time, patience, and assistance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,
firstly I have to say that I always wanted to try 3d print, but never done it. I´ve been reading tutorials, watched some videos recently.
Anyway, there are few things to consider, the amount of details (I know you wrote it wont have to be very detailed, but keep in mind that different materials are able to capture different level of details, take a look at this comparison chart for example, so choose you material wisely). Also do you want the model to be posed like the one on the picture or in some more action pose?
And for your question, and this is my personal opinion only (so other users, don´t kill me for it), depending on the level of detail, posing and other additional work, you should pay anything from 20-100$ for the model.

If there wont be any other more qualified reply, feel free to contact me and I am sure we can work something out.

Are you serious… 20-100$ for a custom made model? Have you considered how much work such character requires? Especially if the client needs to own the copyrights, the price is 15-20x too low.

Well this is estimate for how much I would do mid poly model. Like I said, it is my opinion. Gee, I didn’t expect Spanish inquisition. I did not considered any copyright, since I assumed that it is his problem not mine (like he has his own design for example, after all it is for his personal use I guess). If he wants more detailed high poly copyrighted character, then several hundreds might be more adequate estimate. More details are required, sorry.

Also keep in mind the restriction of the material. The figure should have 30 mm in height and the detail resolution of plastic is 0.2 mm, so you can make highpoly model, but I am sure that high number of details will be lost during printing.

And finally, if he wants price determined by the market, he can post it as a job on the or similar site with budget for example with 50-250 and I am sure he get plenty of responses. Like I said, my opinion. (One guy here said that he wouldn´t even open blender if the job is below 100 bucks. It is up to you for how much you want to work, btw for how much you would do it?)

I am sorry you are a bit upset because of my post, that was not my intention. But I am also a bit upset by huge amount of such low bids and is the best example of that. My guess is a lot of guys don’t know anything about copyrights (including you, eprdox) and that is one of the reasons for such low prices.
If the artist appreciates other artists work as much he does his own and if he understands and appreciates the copyrights, everything would be much better.

I am sorry taelus for hijacking your post, I wont post about this again…

With kind regards

@MicGC - No worries, it’s true that if this is done, it could be seen as copyright infringement. I don’t expect it to be an issue since I’m only looking for a very limited personal use and the copyright owners don’t have a product even remotely resembling this. Still, as incredibly unlikely as it would be, you’re correct that if they chose to get upset about it, the artist here who was paid to create it would find themselves in trouble. Money was exchanged where a copyright was involved.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who responded, either here or in PM. I found someone willing to work with me at a rate I found acceptable. Still, I appreciate the feedback.

I was not talking about copyright infringement due to copying another character design. That is something to avoid anyway unless you have the permission to do so. The thing is with original content that would be created… if the copyright stays with the creator, or it goes to the client.
I’m 3d modeller and i have Envisiontec printer with resolution 15 microns.
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