Need 2D sprite artists [Open]

I am looking for people with a considerable amount of experience drawing in 2D, preferably someone who has worked with sprites. The requested art pieces will be for a project not directly tied to Blender.

What I need is primarily sprite work, however, there is a possibility of full artwork. The sprites ranging from character sprite sets to terrain and enemy graphics. A cartoonish/anime style is preferred, but not mandatory.

If you are willing to become a long-time contributor, you will be mentioned in the credits for my project and recieve a deferred payment. If only making a minor contribution, you will still be credited, of course.

If you are interested, either send me a PM or email me at [email protected]. If you send an email, please put the following tag on your subject so that I won’t miss it: [Blender Volunteer Work]

Thank you.

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Are you still looking for help with this ? I would be more than happy to help, or at least give it a try.

Sure, sure. PM me.

Just another thing to note: The sprites will be for an RPG maker game, just so you have a better idea of what I desire.

[Blender Volunteer Work] I am willing to give it a shot. I have a good amount of experience with 2d designing.

Then PM me. More hands make lighter work :3

This position is still open, for those wondering. As long as the main thread has the [open] suffix on the title, i’m still accepting people.

A bump to keep this on the first page?

Still have positions open for this one.