Need 3 Simple meshes made

Hello! I am pretty hopeless at blender, but I am just learning. Unfortunately because of school and activities I do not have enough time to actually mesh things. I don’t really care about the exact quality of them, they can be as simple as they need. I would give full credit when showing pictures of them and whatever other terms you would like. I’d like to use these meshes in the Sims 3, which if you don’t know is very popular. These items are on very high demand throughout the Sims 3 and I’m sure if you could help me with this it will improve your business. I will suggest your work/website to anyone who asks if you can help me. If you are interested in helping, please leave a reply below. I’m sorry this thread is a bit messy as I am typing quite fast and it’s very early in the morning here. Thankyou!

This sled, once again I can do the actual blanket by UV mapping and I don’t care about all the tiny details at the bottom near where you would stand on a sled.

This Kennel/Crate - I only want one door on the front, it doesn’t need to be very noticeable at all, even if there is only one latch.

Finally an arabian headcollar (I doubt theres anyone who knows about horses on here :P)

For the halter/headcollar, I’d like this as the cotton/thread that goes from that metal chain up and around their ears - , However I’d like that chain you see on the pictures above on the thread. But whatever you find easiest.

hi emcne16, i’d be willing to give the models a go if you require any assistance (can’t promise anything about the collar though). just PM me if you are interested in some help and maybe provide some details. thanks & good luck :slight_smile:

i simplified the Cage a bit. thats how it looks like.

and here is the blendfile:

By Default, when you open the blend you are in Edit Mode of the Lattice. So you can Scale on Y or Z Axis to adjust it a bit.

On Layer 1 is the Curve setup.
On Layer 2 i transformed everthing to a mesh. (2 objects. Base & Door)
With the Lattice on Layer 2 you can adjust the scale for example.
With the Empty you can control the door (rotate on Z Axis).

It’s not very complete. i dont built the mechanism for the door or any details. You can add the details by yourself or maybe somebody else wants to do that :-).
Took me about 15 Minutes and now i have to do other stuff.

I’ll post the sled when I get done with it but it’ll be about a day or two because
I am out of town and do not have my computer :slight_smile: