Need 3d artist/animator for a Unity Game

Dear Blender Artists community

We are a team of two currently working on a game called outpost.
The problem is, that neither of us is a moddeler/animator, so we need some help.

As stated before, the game is called outpost. It is a 3d sidescrolling multiplayer shooter made in unity 3d. The game is set in modern times, revolving around a fake war situation.

We have already released a video on youtube showcasing our current progress:

Thank you in advance

The Team at Outpost Software

Hey not bad! I don’t think I can help, but it looks great so far. I hope you find someone

The graphics are awesome…then again I don’t know much about gaming…or default supplies.

It might be an idea to create an actual website and show your progress. Remember, the average intelligent Joe buys to a smiley personality. If you can put your face/s to a youtube sketch, you may get more positive hits.