Need 3d artists for help on AAA quality fps title

Hello everyone,
I am a 3d artist that has been recruiting for about 2 weeks and is looking to start our fps project soon( gdd will be given to those who join the team). We are a serious team and are taking the company name Outrance Studios as our company name. What we need are dedicated developers looking to create the future of first person shooters.
Please shoot me an email [email protected] and please include your name, age, and your skype. Anyone who contributes throughout the project will get a fair split of profits. So please help us create the future of first person shooters and have a nice day.

This is the third such thread you’ve started. The other ones you just started the thread and didn’t respond to any other posts in the thread.

With this history I don’t believe this is a serious job opportunity so I’m closing this thread. If you want to have a thread about recruiting, use your previous one which is still open.