Need 3D Female Character

Hello! I am working on a project currently. I have created rolls royce car, but unfortunately I am not good at character design. I need 1 male and 1 female character for my animation. I found Male character (will buy it soon), but can not find any female character for my project. Female should look like this

and this is male

So I want to ask you if you have any recommendation. (Free model would be better :slight_smile: ) (If you have any free male recommendation like this model, please share with me).

Thank you very much! <3

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Thank you for investing your time! But these models are kinda expensive and these models are not as I want :slight_smile:

Check out Character Creator from Reallusion. ( Small investment and you can make any character you need. Clothing will still be an issue but characters will be plenty. :wink:

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Yeah. I know character creator, but as you said clothing is a problem :frowning:

I’ve moved this thread from #artwork:finished-projects to #support#support:modeling

Clothing is an issue for me as well. Look into Simply Cloth Pro in the Blender market. Inexpensive plugin and makes clothing not as hard LOL. I bought it but have yet to really use it… but what I did try with it was pretty straight forward and not that difficult to use.

The pro version comes with a bunch of presets, I believe there is a hood in there you could modify into a full face mask as shown above.

Anyway… Good luck. I feel your pain needing something and not having it available. My entire reason for learning Blender. I am tired of being dependent on “available content” for my projects. Then, even if you find what you need already created… if by different artists, the overall look may not be consistent for the scene.

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If the OP cant afford DAZ(free base models and software) plus $15-30 USD on an outfit then hundreds of dollars for Reallusion CC4 is probably not an option either


True… I get that… Clothing for my characters cost more than I spend on myself LMAO…

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Yeah, you are right. Thank you very much!