Need 3D Modeler \ 2D Artist \ Animator for Videogame Project


(HeroKato) #1

Good Evening to all,
Me and my crew (composed in total of 3 people) have decided to finally aim for a Release Videogame project, we tested for almost 2 years our skills in smaller projects to gain experience needed to go for a full release and now we’re here searching for our last member in order to complete the team and point to a future release.

We are searching for one or more artists that can cover these topics:

  • 3D modeling with animations if possible.
  • 2D Artist, mostly UI and Effects FX


  • Consistency, we will need you to produce a certain amount of work every week. (we are not strict with times but we don’t want members that do nothing) We plan to release in 1 year.
  • Skill level: Any, if you can create a low poly model is ok.

Project Theme:

  • Soccer with super powers. There will be different characters with different powers.
  • PC / Mobile Aim
  • Semi Cartoonish Style (ie. nintendo)

Arts Needed:

  • Characters Concepts
  • Characters Models / Complete with Interchangeable pieces (ie. skins)
  • Characters Animations
  • Characters VFX’s (ie. special shoot or other effects)
  • Stadiums
  • Balls
  • Crowds
  • UI
  • generic VFX’s

if you are intrested please reply here, pm me or send me a mail at [email protected]