Need 3D modeler and Animator for sidescrlling RPG

I’m an experienced programmer working on a large scale rpg/platformer (more on this below)
-I have knowledge of
Flash/Actionscript 3,
basic php /mysql

Other members we have:
A second programmer
An artist using Blender

To be brief, we are in the process of making an rpg platformer that takes place in a castle, much like the old castlevania games. The gameplay has a strong focus on summoning. We do have a working game at the moment, but we are looking for any of the following (in order of most needed):
An animator
An artist to help share the workload
An audio guy /musician (for background music)

We have a solid Game Design Document written out, with a well developed storyline.

Here is a bit of what we have so far:

A long time ago, the world was created by an essence.
This essence was all powerful, all knowing; it was an omnipotent life force.
This life force gave birth to all life in the realm of [Unnamed].
As time went by, the essence, Life, became divided, its powers were locked in [X number] of artifacts, the world came to know as Relics.
These relics were lost to legends, eventually becoming nothing but fairy tales.
…And soon, forgotten.
As the Life weakened, corruption seaped in to the realm. This corruption, known as the Anti-Life, destroyed all that it touched.
…Soon, hope was nothing more than calamity, and fear grew where tribes once thrived.
When a lost Relic was found, it brought a spot of light into a world of darkness. Has hope returned?
Life force people paint life, use their own life to do it, anti-life comes from their death, corrupts the life-painting, corruption manifests as evil monsters and darkness in the hearts of men and whatnot
Life force person made the first Relic with its last essence, the pen spear

You must summon animals to fight for you. Each animal has a level, and gains stat points through levels. These stat points are disbursed at the players leisure, and can be put into whichever stat they choose.

The animals combat system is very largely DnD based, and roll for their attacks.

Must have skype. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

OR send us a skype message via Optix212

Please note that all textures and models that you see being used in this example are NOT representative of the final outcome. We are simply using them as placeholders.