Need 3D Modelers and Animators of all types for a long form Space Opera Show

Hello, everyone, I am the producer for a long form TV style project called Ithaca 2845 which is a space opera based in the year 2845. As of now there are 18, 30 minute episodes planned with about 85 pages of script written and a near full voice cast (23 individuals). We currently have about 30 people working on the project. Most of the team members are voice actors and concept artists from around the world including but not limited to The United States, Ireland and Romania. I am the producer but also the only animator with little experience in character animation. I can’t do all of the work alone so I need as much help as possible. Any and all are welcome to join. This also has the potential to be monetized in the future. Many of the leads on the project have experience in other projects, are studying in other fields or professionals in their respective field. Feel free to join and bring a friend, family or colleague as well. The more the merrier.

This is the discord join link.

Good day, i am interested in being a part of your team, and believe i can contribute as a lighting artist. here is a link to my portfolio:

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Thank you for joining us