Need 3D modellers and texturers !!!!


I have been working on a unity fps for the last 1 and a half years BY MYSELF and i NEED

Its becoming very hard to model , texture , code , animate , texture and come up with story lines all by myself !

ive been asking everywhere for help but no one wants to help me and i get slowed down and it also lowers my motivation because i cant do everything forever

if you want to help me [ please do! ] , I will need you to be able to :

~low poly models
~good detail
~uv un wrapping [optional]

~high quality textures
~normal maps [ optiona]

Please help me! , You will get full credit and everything else!

If you want to know what my game looks like [ i have updated ALOT since this update ] then watch the 3rd update!

help me! Im in need !

We get dozens of these types of threads every month. Make yours stand out.