need 3D objects for game

(Jacek Popla) #1

Hello, Blender users :smiley:
I am creating free 3D game (in SDL/OpenGL), and I am using Blender objects there. I wrote simple export script, so it is easy to put any objects from Blender to game.
Homepage is, you can see picture of helicopter there. It’s nice, but still not perfect. I don’t have any scenery objects - like buildings, towers, or other vehicles.
Game is still not playable (and it is distrubuted only as source code, it will be hard to start it in Windows, becouse compilation with SDL is not trivial), but you can “fly” with copter over autogenerated land. I want to add scenery, but I can’t use cubes as buildings, and rectangles as trees. I want something better.
Do you have any simple (make from not a lot of faces - it’s very important for realtime engine!) objects, which you made in past, and can donate to GPL game? Or maybe you could spend few minutes making something new?

(steve343) #2

building basicaly are cubes? and trees are just hard (to make realistic).

im just not good enough realy :stuck_out_tongue:

(pannomatte) #3

oops double post sory

(pannomatte) #4

Theres lots of free models out there, Finding them or converting them to .blend is another matter. one good place is
and check out the Flight Sim Rescources on my site. Virtual Terain Project has a good overview on buildings and cityscapes. Very worthy project. Request to download