Need 3D Studio Max files converted to something Blender can read

I’m making a portfolio for college, and I have some 3D Studio Max files from an internship that I’d like to add to it. However, I’m on OS X, and have no way of reading the Max files. Does anyone happen to have a copy of 3D Studio Max and would be willing to convert a few files for me?


– J.P.

I could make .obj of them (have max 7) but I’m not a hero so don’t expect I can save yur materials. I’ll just push save as .obj and click on yes.
But I can do that send to (problem solved)


I thought when you save a file in 3ds Max, it saves it as a .3ds format?

Blender can import .3ds format, so I don’t think you need to do any conversion.

No 3ds max save .max format, you can export to 3ds. I have 3ds max7.
Jtuttle How big is your file. Now I have slow speed of internet. I overcome limit 3GB, otherwise i have 512 mb/s internet
What format do you want? max? 3ds you can make in Blender .I can do it for you

I allready converted them.