Need 5 3d model of pison rings

(Lech) #1

I need five 3d model of piston rings, without material, just the models i .obj format.
I need it very quicly - for tomorrow. Models are on pictures, dimensions could be a little different then od the photos, proper shape is all I want.
Link to the pictures of piston rings:

Because I’m in a hurry please answer only animators who can do it till this Saturday (8.12.2018) 14.00 midday (european time) and write me answer with price in it, and accept papal or skrill payment.

Lech Wilczaszek Aimart Film & Advertising Agency

(egonator) #2

Hi, it is doable, PM sent

(abdoubouam) #3

A PM is Sent

(Altohamy) #4

can help with that