Need 7 Models for Game Demo

Project: Shadows of Light Demo

Looking For: 3D modeler(s). There are seven human character models needed. We have human models that you can modify and use to make them, unless you want to make your own.

About The Game: The game is a stealth hack and slash game. Kage, the protagonist, has the ability to manipulate his own shadow. This living experiment dreams of leaving the lab that he’s stuck in and go to the real world-the one he’s heard so much of. Uncover the darkness around him and reveal the light.

Rev-Share: As soon as we are ready to release a demo, we will be making a kickstarter to help with the development and hopefully be able to use the funds to support us.

The Team: We have two programmers, one animator, one concept artist, four voice actors, and one composer.

Message me or email me at [email protected] if you are interested or have any questions.

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