Need a 3d artists for film project

Need a 3d artist who can model 3d characters as well as the environments this film takes place in. Due to a severe lack of budget (Has already been spent) we can only promise a deferred option to pay after the project is released to our Distributor. Sketches of characters as well as the environments will be provided as quickly as possible and this project will quickly and likely lead to further employment. Due to over half our staff being quarantined we must ask for a momentary volunteer who will be paid upon the official release by the end of the year.

Hi, I’m interested in helping out, if you’re still looking?


My apologies for taking so long to reply, we are usually extremely busy due to this project. May I ask what your skill level is in terms of using blender? Are you a simple artist or will you be capable of doing any of the animation and editing?

Hi Kim,

I’m a novice to 3D animation. I was a graphic designer before. I have been working in Blender for 6 months now. I have modelled buildings, cars and characters and am working on my own project.

I would like to help anyway possible, although I don’t have much experience in animating or editing, but I would value the experience in working with others.

Best regards,