Need a 3d character artist for RPG game (like diablo, baldurs gate.) 50usd per char

The Orisnitsi Prophecies VOL:I the Soulwell

Im bumping this thread because I need someone to make me more characters. initially I need 2 characters.
Im using pretty simple 3d characters from fuse, but the 2 main characters i need certain customizations. The main villain is a undead looking abit like rob zombie… He is tall and wearing tattered robe torn with a belt.

The other character I need is the main character looking abit like… ronda rousey, badass with armor, bastard sword and a bow on her back, black and yellow cloak ontop of her armor, looking abit like the yellow stripe. and long dark blond hair, abit darker then ronda rousey… like this color theme if its possible. The muscalar female default in fuse is fine, but head needs to look abit prettier, and needs clothes.

i pay u 50usd per char, thats 100 usd for both… U can use the muscelar female body from fuse if u want, i can send it to u if u dont have fuse, and just make the head hair and clothes custom. I need it to be imported to unity later on, are u familiar with unity?

Im using fuse for most of my characters, but i need certain customizations. I need clothes, tattooes and hair created and imported into fuse later on if u are interested, 20usd per piece