Need a 3D Character model for a FUN Casual iOS Game

Hey Guys,


I’m not a Programmer, Animator or Game Designer by any means. But I am well versed in Sales/Marketing. I should be after 8+ years in the field lol.

I was having a chat with a good friend of mine last week over some beers. He owns a mobile game publishing company 200mil+ Downloads to date. Though its very impressive its not that surprising as they have a MASSIVE marketing reach… One of their big vehicles of marketing is a facebook page with 15 MILLION followers.

He challenged me to come up with a minimum viable product for a game in the next 2-3 Months. Polish it up a little and pitch it to him. Easy enough right!?.. Well to make things “interesting” as he would put it.

I have to completely bootstrap this project. Here’s the part where 99.9% of people would close this thread and move on. Im only allowed a budget of a whopping $200.

And thats not even US Dollars thats in my local currency of NZ Dollars which is almost the same value as Monopoly money.

If this sounds like its something you would like to be a part of. Leave me your email below or drop your discord details and I’ll send you further info!.


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Hi Andrew,

I can’t really say that I am a professional character modeler but I want to improve my current 3D portfolio.
Since this is a volunteer job I would love to help, here is my email if you are interested : [email protected]

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send me a direct message… I’m down. The more the merrier!

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Hey there,

Will send you an email. Thanks for your interest!


When you say “minimum viable product” do you mean a working video game?

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Hey there,

Correct. A functioning game. It wont have to have all the features planned for it initially. Just needs to look and play good. If successful my friends publishing company will finance further development whilst they work out the marketing.

Then we launch and hope its a hit lol. Or at the very least is something people enjoy.

At this moment I only need the art/assets. The programming has started already.

Making a functioning game in that amount of time will be hard. It’s going to have to be a dead simple concept. Not having made a game before is going to make it way harder. Worrying about things like a 3D character model should be one of the last things on the list.
If you are not using Unreal or Unity just give up now and say your friend won the challenge.

You’re not wrong there. It’s a simple concept thats been done probably thousands of times by now its an infinite runner. Im going to add some new functions and game mechanics onto whats already there. Definitely isn’t going to be something super complex.

So I’ve got the programming side sorted it isn’t being done from scratch we are just building on top of source code we’ve had for a while.

Prototype built on BB and then ported to Unity and just building on top of that now.