need a bit of help with key frames, channels ?

hey sorry for the stupid question but i just started blender a few days ago ive got my character modeled and rigged following some videos on youtube now i am trying to animate and im having a major problem with keyframes?

when i select the bones and press i to insert it asks me if i want to insert the keyframe in all channels,selected channels or only in active group ( in the video i am watching it doesn’t do this , just inserts the keyframes) no matter what i press the keyframes are not inserted, any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated

This is the video i have re-watched it atleast 15 times following everything he does and i still get this problem


first it depends on where you click on I, if it’s in the viewport or on the dope sheet/action editor. From what you are saying, it seems that you are doing it in the dope sheet/action editor.

Also in the time line, he has his keys set to “LocRot” which means that each time he will press I in the viewport, it will key all location and rotation of the selected bone.

hope that helps!