Need a blender artist to work with 3D scanned data


I am looking for a blender artist to create and automate a set of operations on 3D scanned data (from structure sensor)

It would require rendering + measurements

Please share previous work with 3D scan data

Hi Satya, I´m interest at Your request.

I´ve got deep experiences (7 years) with 3D scans from Atos,Kinect,Sense,Vectra and fotogrametry scans from 123D catch and 3DF Zephyr. I tried structure sensor also.
Most of my work is made from 3D scans.
I´m ready to close holes, align axes, resculpt missing parts of model, flat model on the ground and clean mesh topology at all and also all measures.
I´m rendering minely in blender cycles.

My personal web is in comlete reconstruction just now, but You can see my work here:
newest work:
fb pages:

Best regards,

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