Need a Blender Artist who can put fur on my creature.

I’m redoing the cover for my self-published novel, Terraforming Teardrop. Since the printed version needs to be higher resolution then my e-book version, I decided to create the cover in Blender. Unfortunately, I’m new to Blender and am having no luck with hair. I need someone who can take my existing model (pictured below) and add photo-realistic fur to the head and body. The fur will have to look like the fur of an otter, and will need to be a reddish-brown on the head, arms, legs and tail, while the belly needs a lighter, tan color. Although I have completed the armature for the creature, it is still unattached.

Image of creature’s full body
Image of creature’s head

Since I live on a very limited income, I can only afford to pay $30. However, I will gladly give credit in the acknowledgement of the printed book, as well as on my website to whoever can do this for me. Will need to see examples of work with animal fur renders. If interested, or have other questions, please contact me. Thanks.

I am still a beginner, but recently i’m trying to make animation friendly fur, something like these

if you like it, it’s not that difficult to make,i might even do it for free,for $30 maybe i can remake your character my contact is [email protected]

Here is a link to a picture of an otter that demonstrates the type of fur I need for my creature.

Here is some information on the actual character:

It is an alien race called the Kell. They are like otters in that they are adapted to life in water and land. They are very strong and fast swimmers, and are mostly carnivores. Their body shape is similar to an alligator that stands upright, with long slender arms. Their long, wide jaws are adapted to catch prey and eat them in similar fashion to a gator, but they possess an upward curve of the back of their mouths that give them the illusion of a dolphin smile. Despite their effectiveness as predators, as a culture the Kell are very peaceful in general, and get along quite well with other races. They have an industrialized society equivalent to that of America in the mid 1900s, but have far more limited resources due to the fact that their world is mostly an ocean that covers approximately 90% of the planet’s surface. They range in size from a standing height of between 5 to 8 feet. They have webbed hands and feet, and a thick, squarish tale. Along their back they have two rows of spines that are a trait shared among most of the life on their world.

Although I’m sure I could fine-tune the body shape of my model to get more accurate muscle tone, it would be lost behind the type of fur I need. Also, I didn’t put any detail in my model’s feet because they will not really be shown on my book cover. I hope I didn’t bore anyone with too much information.
I’ll send private messages to those those who respond. Below is a link for the Kell’s blend file for anyone to take a closer look at my work. Thanks.

Kell Blend File

No problem for making the fur, if you attach/send the model I can make it look like an otter.
However I would first refine the model, it looks very blocky and the head looks bad overall.
What kind of character you want to present? Should it be smiling or terrifying?

Apply a subsurf and a smooth shading first

I could add your hair if you would do this in cycles. Ive done hair earlier and it came out pretty well. Heres some pictures: . Send me a private message here if you think you need my help. Thanks.

I can do it