Need a Blender Market and Brand set up for your models?

Hey all in poly land!

I didn’t see an ‘offer of services’ board/thread on the site, maybe I missed it. Could work under Jobs…I hope general discussion is OK to post this…

Glowbox Designs would love to set up a Blender Market and Sketchfab presence for you and your brand! If you think you have quality work and find yourself relatively organized, I think a store for your products is a great way to make a little passive income scratch!

What’s the rub? Well, my services aren’t free, but I’m very reasonable.

What would you be getting?

A store front and brand on Blender Marketplace–you can set your own price for your products, but I’d be handling the gathering of files, setting up product renders (as seen in my own store link below), layout and design, and if you don’t want to provide descriptions, I can write those too. There is a surprising amount of red tape and organization that goes into Blender Market in particular. I just went through it, trust me.

You should also pair your store to Sketchfab–a great place to sell as well, but also it’s the internal viewer for Blender Market viewers wanting to ‘explore’ your model. I would set this store up as well–but this is not as detailed an ordeal as BM.

If you want a store in other locations, we can talk about that too. Piecemeal is fine.

Message me if you’d like to hear pricing. Passive income is great!


Blender Market:

Sketchfab: ra3id (@ra3id) - Sketchfab

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