Need a capable Blender and ZBrush artist for consults

I am looking for a capable ZBrush artist who can be available for English-language telephone conversations and email/FTP exchanges of .blend and ZBrush files. You will be assisting an artist trained in traditional sculpture and knowledgeable of 2D and 2.5D art, who wants to have a resource for best practices in moving between blender (2.65 and .65) and ZBrush.

Here are samples of possible topics, which will vary greatly from day to day and issue to issue:

** Blender/ZBrush workflow and pipeline to Blender …
** Getting what we see in ZB to render in blender … best options
** Best practices for conservation of topology and computer resources
** Best practices for output to high-res flat files
** Best practices for output by 3D printing
** Etc.

Target availability is as-needed, from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern to Pacific time zones… your choice. We can set up a schedule or pattern for calls as needed, so this does not need to be a drop-everything sort of relationship, but expect to be needed often in the first weeks. I propose an hourly rate, but will appreciate input on how to compensate for your research and review time.

They net/net requirement is for someone who knows the pipelines and practices for blender and ZBrush, and to find a way to exchange info rapidly and effectively.

Skype OK, email OK, FTP/Dropbox OK… or we can call you long distance. Extra consideration given to ZBrush artists with specific workflow experience into Blender and Maya.

I would think that @michalis would be an excellent resource for you, though I am not sure if he uses English as a spoken language, nor whether or not he is available for hire in such a way. But he may be able to suggest someone more appropriate.

Hello, I`m interested in what you said. I have experience in blender as well as in z-brush. I work in blender for more than 5 years and Zbrush around 3 years but I have a strong understanding of both softwares.
Contact me: [email protected]
(I prefer to chat on email.)

Is this Marvel?!?

Hello, I’m interested.
My email: [email protected]
My folio:

rcgauer: Hi there, I am a former Maya and ZBrush user (Started using those back in 2001) and I’ve switched to blender about 3 years ago. I still use Zbrush from time to time along with sculptris. I have a very strong background in traditional arts (Drawing, painting and real clay sculpting)

I won the blendswap contest for Fantasy Characters a few months ago which I used heavily Sculptris, ZBrush and Blender to achieve this result is as little work time as possible (less then 2 weeks at part time). Some videos of the rig and explaining the scene are on my vimeo, as well as my old demo real and tomorrow should have my first completed movie out. I should be able to help out with ZBrush-Blender workflow since I use it quite often in my day to day work.

I reside in New-Brunswick, eastern time, so I should have no trouble with your 8 am to 5 pm Eastern to Pacific time zones.

Happy Blending