Need a Compositing Helper

Anyone here good at compositing? I’m working on a trench scene and I need help with a couple things in compositing. You will be in the credits if we ever finish the project.

What kind of things do you need? I can do glow and color correction and other basic stuff.

lol. Be nice if it were that easy. Its quite a bit. I need to get from this:

to this:

go to 1:07:05 to see what i’m talking about. Warning! Rated R.

So some things I need done: I need the tops of the trenches to be brighter than the bottoms. Any idea how to set up this kind of lighting? I need the colors rebalanced; not sure exactly what combination I need.

I think you have more work to do with this scene before you start compositing.

Like what? Its medium poly and the dirt isn’t textured yet.

For whatever reason I stumbled upon this thread. I’m not volunteering, but just wanted to show you it can be done… at least the overall look.

This is a 5 minute quicky just bringing your image into After Effects, but this could be accomplished with Blender. I just experimented with doing a mixture of bleach bypass (kind of like saving private ryan) some additional tinting, added a little blur.

Reference frame

Looks good, I’ve got a similar node setup I’ll post in a second. I only made it a slight bit greener than the original, didn’t want to lose some of the texture quality (though I’m having trouble with the wood)