Need a creativity boost?

This took me half an hour after reading that the color orange is known to invoke creativity in humans. Not really interested in it being technically correct, just doing my part to keep the creativity in the community flowing! :wink:


Never heard of that before.
Unfortunetly I don’t feel any more creative. =/
It’s supposed to be simple right?
But I think if little things about beginnings, swirls maybe were placed here and there
It might help make that creative spark.
Of course keeping in the theme of orange.
…Maybe thats why the blender logo is mostly orange O_o

hm-mm ain’t doing the trick for me…

lol gotta agree with cire and wicky on this one.

Hmm… well that explains why my website must be orange then…

I think it needs to be a bit more compelling than that for orange to boost creativity. Right now this is far from doing it.

Sorry, but you should try to be creative and compelling with orange if you want to try to encourage creativity.

Haha thanks guys. I really didn’t put much into this, just messing around while I should have been working, doing something other than my work, because I was ready to throw the computer through the wall with frustration. Maybe next time I’ll even think about it. :smiley: