Need a Crew.

Well heres the plan. If you willing to put in your time and effort , I need a crew to make a game. The game is gonna be based off of a Halo fps type game. Modelers, animators, bge users will be needed. If you wanna join in just leave a reply with this info. (Years of experience doesnt matter to me)
Name: (Your name)
Skills: (Modeling, Game Engine, Animation, ect.)
Dedication: (How dedicated you are to making this game successful. Ex: Alot, Very, ect.)

^.^ …Imagination is the Key…^.^
Members So Far :

Name - Ace
Skills - I’m decent at almost everything (except scripting), but I am the master at none.
Dedication - 50% of the time I have to work with Blender (a lot)

Name-Shaun (aka: darkscar888)
Skill- Good at concepts and storyline maybe semi good at modeling(still learning.)
Dedication-49% have school and projects to so might be hard

Skill- Modeling, Some Animation, Texturing
Dedication-99% (Other one percent is School. 3D Animation Class (Blender) is my best Subject XD)

Skill-Modeling and some texturing.
Dedication- 2-3 hours a day and more. (If there is no school)

Name: The Red Hand
Skills: Modeling, Some Python, Logic Bricks, Character Modeling, landscape modeling, and some texturing.
Dedication: About 30%, need to work on my personal project and school. Christmas Break is coming and I’ll have two weeks to work. I’m going to try and post a demo of my game by Christmas.

Name: Animatinator
Skills: Inorganic modelling, music and possibly animation
Dedication: About 45%; I’ve got school exams and suchlike going on and I’m also already involved in MGP, but I can do a few models and some tunes when you need me to.

Name: daBlendaNewbie
Skills: some python, some landscape modelling, logic bricks
Dedication: about ~50%; i have some things that i would like to do besides blender sometimes and school doesnt really help either.

Okay. Prepare to be flared. You do not need to start a game project with only 6 posts. You need to show some work to show that you do not want everyone to just work for you. Start on the game and get as far as you can with it, and then maybe start asking for a team. You seem to have no idea of what you are going to do with it (except attempt to replicate a game which is earning Microsoft millions of $ by the second), and (like I said before) you seem to have no experience at all.

Ive acually been usuing blender for almost two years now. But i was recently appointed to But i am not thinking about “replicating” the game. Just making a game close to it. Different races (aliens), weapons, storyline. Making a game that is already made wouldnt be to fun.

Well, you say that you’ve been using blender for almost 2 years now, but I see no examples of previous work. Thats kinda what I was trying to point to with my previous post.

it can help you

and this one too.

Oh! Haha. Ive got things i can post. But never got around to it. Since ive only been on BlenderArtist for a day or two. Ill be posting stuff within the week.

only been working with blender 8 months not to many projects to show for i dont realy show work in the forms here

ill think about it

(NOT trying to get in an argument)

I don’t see why people try to shoot down peoples dreams especially when there as possible as this.

Sure i’ll help -
Name - Ace
Skills - I’m decent at almost everything (except scripting), but I am the master at none.
Dedication - 50% of the time I have to work with Blender (a lot)

Just to get a basic idea of what to think about, what time is this set in? (future, modern, past, etc.)

the thing is, we’ve had so many projects here that start like this (hey guys, I’m new here, but I’ve been using blender for a while, let’s make a game) that never run for more than a couple weeks, if that. we can either “soot it down” now, or let you crash on your own, basically.

you should show that
A) you are as devoted to your project as you want us to be (you probably want to have at least a functional demo of this game, or maybe a couple completed previous games)
B) have leadership abilities- you could be the best blender-er in the world, but if your ability to manage a team is bad the project will fail nonetheless.

I’m not trying to flame you, or say you shouldn’t have goals and make games, but at least set realistic goals. etc. etc. etc.

okay, I’ll shut up now -_-

kind of like rustys rpg game

I respect you guys that give me the warnings about how its gonna shoot in flames soon, but its worth a try. This project will help me learn new things from other members, hence gaining experience.

This will be set into the near future (2023-2030’s)

I cant promise total devosion every day. I dont like being rushed with deadlines . I guess ill help.

Skill- Good at concepts and storyline maybe semi good at modeling(still learning.)
Dedication-49% have school and projects to so might be hard

Don’t spam the discussion board.

Waiting for lock.

guys hes trying to start a project

Thanks Darkscar dont worry about the rushing and deadline type of stuff, we will take this project nice and slow.

(((helpful advice)))
social is anti-social get used to it.

Read this now. Oops double post. Sorry. But you do need to read it now!

Go ahead with the whole thing. It’ll definitely be a good learning experience for you guys. Just make sure you guys have fun doing it and grow in knowledge together.

If you plan on making a complete game however, you have to plan everything down to the very last thing leaving none that you’d just think about adding in as you go along. Make sure at least 1 of you have the skills to put the whole thing together because like an actual project, sloppy tape or glue won’t hold anything together too well, and it’ll just collapse.

Don’t mind the lot of us. Heh, most of us has been there, done that, and seen it happen, hence all the skeptism. :DTake all the comments as warnings though. Most of all prove us wrong please.

Jason Lin

Heh, Monkey Game Project started out just like all the other “Let’s make a game guys!!” threads. What was the title? “N00bs Unite” *snicker…

The point is, it’s possible to have a community game project as a few have shown. It depends on the character of the people, not the skill. If you add people who are slackers, un-dedicated, bad at communicating, not honest, ect, then expect your project to last 2 weeks max.

If you are at all serious about this, make the members earn their position. Give them an interview, review their work, give them a trial period, something to see their general quality. It sounds like a lot of work, but trust me, it’s worth it. MGP has been going for about 1 year now. Unfortunately, we did not have good leadership at the start, so everything we have now has pretty much been done in the last 5 or so months.

Good luck, even though this probably won’t go through!