Need a good english speaking Blender artist for remote teaching my teen daughter


I am new to this site. I am looking for a blender artist to teach my daughter how to use Blender. Sculpting, rigging and all that stuff.
It is to be ongoing, possibly 6 months or more. A couple of hours a week.
If you have experience in character creation this is a plus.

You should have a decent portfolio where I can see some stuff.

Hi I do not see any PM’s from you. Maybe i’m not looking in the right place.

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Hi, In case you didn’t come to a decision yet, I do Blender Coaching 121. Since I enjoy it myself, I will make time for it when others are interested.

Regards Robert (Aka Peetie, New Media Supply).

Hi there,

I have a good understanding of blender and I am happy to help your daughter to achieve her goals of becoming a 3d artist. If you haven’t found anyone yet, feel free to send me a message on [email protected]

Kind regards

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