Need a good joystick

Hi all,

I’m looking for a good joystick for BF2 and flight sims in general.

I have an old Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold USB joystick that doesn’t seem to work anymore; or it sort of works, but its always had calibration problems where one side doesn’t operate as it should; I think you can’t turn right like you should be able to. Also I don’t want to install the calibration software as its only for windows 95/98/ME/2000, and I’m on XP.

So I really need a new joystick thast will work for XP and Vista (in the small chance I do upgrade).

The problem is that most of the joysticks I’ve read reviews for on amazon have 3.5 stars, only a few have 4 stars, and all of them seem to have problems that give me pause.

But I have been looking at the Saitek ST290 (and even the ST90).

My questions are; why are there seemingly no really good joysticks, and what joysticks do you/have you owned that you would recommend?



Logitech was really cool at one time. Now the last 3 I have gotten from them are really not very well made. The saitek I have had for over 6 years now still works like a champ.

For bf2 I just use a cheap logitech dual action, like play station 2 controller. You have access to more buttons faster it seems with this style over the old flight stick style.

I might buy a xbox 360 controller for windows, most of my new games support it, and it has 4 more buttons than my current one.

Oh, I’m asking about flight sticks for flying vehicles…I’m definitely not thinking about using a joystick with infantry.:eek: