Need a guitar model

ok, i wasn’t really sure where to put this, so i just picked off-topic.

I have to make this ad for a project. I need a guitar in one of the pictures, so is there anyone that could supply me with a “guitar.blend”, preferably an electric guitar :smiley:

thanks in advanced

hmm theres a web site with free models…hmm I forgot the name try googling free .blend?

yeah or you can find some models on turbosquid aswell
for the .blend repository try to look in Blendernation… it was mentionned not long ago

I made the classical guitar in this render if you want it.

Read through the thread, he gives a link to the guitar model.

Might want to get permission from him first.

thanks a lot everyone, i finally got one…now i just have to do the project :frowning:

Why are you unhappy with the prospect of doing a project in Blender? Shouldn’t you be glad that you can work for a living with Blender?
I would be :smiley:

lol why would someone give u a model to use when ur geing all the money for their work?? prosumably ur geting paid for this

hmm money isn’t every thing…if it were Blender wouldn’t be free, and then we wouldn’t exist,this site, this community, well never know what the world would be like without Bender, be happy, not everyone does it for money,:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: hehe:D

plus doing a guitar in Blender takes 10 minutes come on