Need a H.P. Lovecraft-esq monster for short film, any suggestions?

So I’ve been working with Blender for a couple weeks and I’m starting to realize that it might be above my skill level. Especially when it comes to a decent looking monster. Particularly a H.P. Lovecraft style monster I’m trying to design for a short film. The monster would only be briefly shown on screen but because of it’s small screen time I’m trying to make it look impressive and not super cartoony, which is all it end I up with when i try.

So if anyone would be interested or know anyone interested in helping out with a short horror film, let me know. While it’s a small budget affair, there is money for all services rendered. Thanks!!!

Shoot me a private message, I’d be happy to help.

Sounds VERY interesting!! Which entity(s) or creature(s) are you thinking of. I’m rather a Lovecraft freak, heh :wink: Feel free to PM me if you want, or just post here.

Art for me is not skill, skill is skill, art for me is imagination.Art for me can exist with no skill at all, even at seeing clouds on the sky. I dont care how great your models will be, I only care how they will stimulate my imagination. Dont overestimate how great low skill art can look and be appreciated. Ignore anyone who looks down on your art , and make art for people like me that can see beyond skill and can appreciate the love and attention you can put into this.

I will exchange high skilled art , with highly imaginative art any day. You got one interested viewer here, I am sure there are alot more out there. Never underestimate how much people can appreciate your creativity.