Need a head model (Pictures)

I need a mid/low res face modelaround 2-4k Faces/verts.
Fully textured with images i provided, i also want the hair
flat on the model. If you can add planes and make some
hair that would be great too, if not i can do it myself that
is no problem at all.

I will send you a .zip with,
Face front, Face back, Face side L, Face Side R.
Also a FACEGEN file in case you want to use that
because i can`t export (DEMO)

I think $50 is a reasonable price so drop your portfolio,
if you think that price is unfair please drop your portfolio
and give a valid reason why, or i will report you as troll/spam.

Matthew Singer

I am willing to work.
my work can be seen in my signature

sent and emial

$50 for a low poly bust is reasonable. Not ideal, but reasonable.