need a hedgerow

i searched for some tutorial or stuff like this but i didn’t find any. i was searching for some possibility to produce a hedgerow in blender and i was wondering if sb had an idea of approaching one. maybe there is a some kind of plugin or small programm doing a good job like ngplant??
Looking forward for your answers

In Blender is a script called TreeFromCurves for example.
You can find info here:
Another idea is Lsystems Scriptpackage,you can find here:


Ivy Generator?
Maybe you could use a different leaf shape?

I would suggest using the TreeFromCurves script to make a section of the hedge, then use an array modifier to make it however long you want. Maybe parent it to a curve so you can shape the hedge row.

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thanks very much guys…
well i used the ivy Generator already for some… well… ivy in the scene and I think it would not be quite the result I was looking for…
helped me a lot :slight_smile: