Need a help from someone to render my Backrooms project!

Hello everyone! I’m new person to this community! So currently, I’m making a project “Found Footage” of Backrooms on Blender ( You can check it out on youtube!). And my project progress is about to 65% finished now (I’m doing animations for my project is the last object to be done). But my downside is my PC just a Mid-Pc aren’t a good to be rendering all animation frames in short of time. So anyway, I hope someone have a good gpu to render my “Backrooms” animation project and for sure! I will fully credit you in my description of my youtube video :slight_smile:
Here is my project screenshot and my social account if you want to help my project!
–Discord: pravda#3145 (My DM are open anytime so feel free to message me!)

Alright thank you for reading this post! Hope you can help my project please :D!
Have a nice day :>

how many frames do you need? and what resolution?