need a import script


Im a softimage XSi user testing out blender3d for its 3D engine. I just downloaded 2.31a and i was wondering where i can get some import script to bring my models into blender3d. I really dont want to learn to model in blender3d at this point.

any format would be good, .obj, .X, etc.

Look at the first post in this page: script list, and there you have the obj import/export…use the 2.28 version that works with 2.31.


to use the game engine you need 2.25 Publisher version (at the moment)

If its the 3D game engine you want, as far as I know it is disabled in all releases after 2.25. So if you want to check out the engine, then get Blender Publisher 2.25 and the key file for it.