Need a little help how to do this particle FX

Hi guy’s

I want to do a logo that simulate souls flying away from earth to ascend up in the air in a wavy pattern similar to fish swimming and to form the word soul on top of the earth.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Look into the Keyed physics type for particles. You can migrate particles from shape to shape.

Yes this i already know how to but the part i don’t know is how to control de particles emission from the sphere so they behave like wavy little light reaching up to form the title logo. I am trying with force field but it’s not obvious how to do it. Maybe the only way is to do an animated mesh and use it as particle.

OK i figure it out how to get the effect i want but now i have another problem, i want the text to stay at the end but i try playing with the keyframes start en end + particle life but i cannot find how to do it. In maya this was so easy and i am searching the internet and so far i still cannot figure it out.