Need a little help with a rig

Ok so i went and read all of the new docs for setting up bones and rigging. Sufice it to say unless I missed something it pretty much the same ol slow process “select vertice assign a weight, test test test, Repeat”

The legs are weird, but i’m beat and dont care… Anyway can you give me some tips to what I should change or update, or just scrab it alltogether…


I do know the arms bend weird but I cant seem to get it to strech the bend instead of a sharp falloff surface… arrrgggg

well, i would suggest you rename all your bones to something meaningful other than belly.008 for the left foot.

When you create the bones, have blender automatically assign verts based on closest to bone; some bones that should obviously move an arm segment dont. As it is now, you will have to go through your whole mesh and define vertex groups for each bone. So, sorry, but I would start over with the armature and let blender create the vertex groups for you.

You dont have any poses defined in the Ipo or NLA; you should at least define the Basis pose, which is what you have now. You can delete all the cubes and icosphere.

The mesh looks good; even the little paunch belly he has is cute. Of course, his face mesh can be substituted for a more realistic face.

Good luck with your tai chi.