need a little help with bot in my FPS

Hi I’m in the the process of making a fps and the only thing I’ve got to do now is make a good enemy but I’m having some difficulty with the tracking.

What ever axis i choose it seems to be wrong
heres the .blend :

any help would be appreciated, the bot that i need help on is the one selected at opening

thank you

Do this:
Bring up the “Object” Panel by pressing F7(though from the file it’s already open). Notice the “Anim Settings”, the first row are “Track to” settings which go: Track X Y Z - - -, right? Select the - that would correspond with the X-axis a.k.a. the first - . That should fix the problem.

Also, this is the wrong forum. This goes under “Game Engine Support and Discussion”.

Thanks for the help,
i put it in here by accident and didn’t know how to move it