Need a little help with smoothing ...

Hello Blenders,

I am a very beginner with blender and am having problems with my first model -.-, so I thought that I could find a solution here and only here.
Simply I just can’t set a mesh (supposed to be a pole) to smooth, as it has 90 degree corners (which means “set smooth” button will not do anything), i tried moving some faces, deleting some edges (and that gave the shape but something am not sure about wasn’t right)

so, if you know what I mean please help or at least post a link that may help, and tell me if I need to describe more.

Peace out, DeathBoyJr

You can either add more loops running up and down the pole (about 8) or you can set a subsurf modifier.

I think merging 2 faces that separated by an edge will do, but any idea how I can do this, cuz every time I delete an edge a whole face disappears :(.

Youtube series explain a lot - this one tells how to get pole out of cube :evilgrin: