Need a little help....

(crow) #1

My problem lays with his hair, i have circled the ones that keep popping up. i know there are more things wrong in picture but i know how to fix them. =o) The hair is just plane cones set to smooth, picture 1 shows kind of a 2 tone “highlight”, i have tried different lighting and it still appears like that.
imgae 1 (cut & paste)Evil green backdrop i know!!!

Now picture 2 these are the same smoothed cones as before, if you look closely you can see they are jagged, even tho they are set to smooth
(cut and paste again)

the eyes and easr are just filler to get everything else positioned right, i viewed the tutorials posted further down for the eyes, tho i did not indent for the eyesocket(may have to methinks) was thinking of shortcutting around that

thank you
and any other comments welcome =o)
oh and it is another Yugioh pic :smiley: :o

(theeth) #2

you should try using a higher setting of OSA (in the Display Buttons)