need a little newbie help

Hey everyone, I am really new to blender but I am really enjoying it. I have only learned what I have gathered from tutorials. I am working on my first project (a logo for the enlightenment project) and I got a little stuck. I am trying to make the regions with the blue scribbles in them be solid but I cannot figure out how. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Sure. But first you’ve got more vertexes in the top (extruded) part than in the bottom. Looks like it was subdiveded after being extruded. This has created a lot of triangles that could cause some strange artifacts in the render. I’d delete the top part and re-extrude it.

To make the blue area “solid” you have to fill the open space between the vertexes with faces.

Go into a side-on view (z,x or Num Pad 1 in this case) and select the top row of vertexes and hit the F key. For objects with a lot of curves you should do small sections at a time to avoid filling in the wrong areas.

Repeat the process for the opposite side. Press Ctrl+N and confirm (faces have a sort of + and - side. Ctrl+N Makes sure all faces are positive side out, as it were). Then in Edit Mode click Set Smooth in the Link and Materials panel (smooths the shading accross faces).

Hope this is clear.


I’ts a bit confusing - I got it re-extruded to remove all those extra triangles. I am a little confused about the ctrl-n thing and getting it to be solid. I will keep working at it though.

Thanks again,

you could fill the empty area all at once using ‘shift - f’, then ‘alt-f’ to clean it up a bit, but that would leave lots of tris. personally, i would use curves for something like that.
<edit> by the way, those regions that have straight lines and relatively little vertices are not going to fill too prettily unless you add a few cuts along them.

thanks! the shift-f thing worked… I had to subdivide along those edges like you said, thanks for all your help guys!