Need A Mars/Moon Rock with a Butt ;')

I’m a Starting Noobie so I hope this is the right place to start a thread on this.
Need a basic moon or planetary type rock with a butt crack in back…:slight_smile:
Will need some cratered skin ideas to make 9t look like a off planet being:eek:
I Tips, starting points greatly appreciated. The legs are very short, if any, may some just of wobble around to get around, I can stick some eyes on, maybe, Still in the evolution stages… Any input is welcome, need diffrent styles to create layers of charakters for three to five charachters to start, (lol)

Each Charachter will be indviduals in bunp maps for skin and color and personnality if it fits.(lol) I’ll soon be posting a sample with my first model blunders, be cruelly honest pls…
Look forward to other ideas,
Project MR-5ar01

I would put this in works in progress, try to ask direct questions in this section, good luck with your project.