need a modeller for a rifle grip

Hi guys, I begin in blender and i try to make a weapon ( from borderland ).
I started it but i have soem problems with the grip --’
It’s why i ask for your help .
Sry if my english is bad, I’m french and not really good in English ^^

there is the link for the weapon cross

and there is my blender file ( it’s my first time on this forum don’t know if it work ^^ )
projet toon borderland like.blend (1.72 MB)

Thank you for your help guys :slight_smile:

Hu guedojulie,

I checked your blender file and you did a great job. I can’t believe you need help with the grip after you done all that…? Am I missing something?

Let me know which part you have difficulties with and I can perhaps help you.



thanks for your answer, actually I don’t know how to proceed to do the grip, i tried 4 times but i don’t know, the result is bad? I have also some problems with the cylinder but i can handle that i think by working more.
It’s just this fucknig grip ^^

i just up this post because i advanced the gun and i still have problems with the grip.
here are the updates

As you can see i don’t follow for all things but it’s don’t a problem the reference…5b44150460.jpg
If somebody could help me for the grip it could be very nice pls, i tried but each time the result was bad :frowning:

Do you still need help?
Must it look just like that or could I bring my own artistic flare to it / the grip
I have an old chrome camera with a handle that I think wold make a nice gun handle / grip
I’d have to flip the finger indents to the other side for a gun, but other then that I’d have one I can use to referents
Here’s what it looks like -

What do you think?

If it fit with the weapon do what you want :slight_smile:
and thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hum, the camera is nice, but i think the grip will be too short, ( i like the massive grip of the reference ).
But as I said, do what you want :slight_smile:

here are some upgrades with some textures
red :
metal :

there are captures from the render wiew so it’s not HD ^^
maybe it can help you to do the grip :slight_smile:

Hey guedojulie, I download your blend file and try to model the grip. I’m gonna send you my work hope it can help you. projet toon borderland like V3.blend (1.66 MB). Au fait je suis Francais aussi alors soit indulgent(e) avec ce que j’ai fait :smiley:

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