Need a modeller for LEGO project.

Hey, I am Bincredible. I am the founder of a project call The Exertus Project, which is a fan-made LEGO game that is a non-profitable project. Here is the link to the projects website: We are running on the theme of LEGO Universe which is a LEGO game that shut down about 2 years ago due to finance reasons, this game was an action/adventure MMOG which many people loved but cannot play any longer. Although we aren’t sure if The Exertus Project will be multiplayer as of now. Since we are mainly going to be running on the theme of LEGO Universe, models which look similar to this game will be expected from the 3D artists. Although we can still come up with our own ideas along the way, this is what will be expected for the most part. I am looking for a modeller(s) for the project who is experienced with Blender, can produce high quality models, rig, animate and UV map, and also model parts of worlds within the game. We will be using LeoCAD for importing the LEGO bricks and the characters etc. and from there they will be edited (if needed) in Blender. If you are interested in joining as a modeller for this project please visit the “JOIN US” tab on the website and fill out the form. Goodluck!