Need a name for a still project

I can’t think of a name for this project, i thought of ‘too comfy’, but that just seems to rubbish. I will give credit if someone helps me :D.
The overall story is that someone is in a bedroom and lays on a really comfy bed and sinks right into it.
I think the lighting needs work near the window.
There are a lot of things i need to do.
I know the proportions are way off, but I think the results are quite good. What do you think?

how do you guys get such wonderful results with yafaray, can i see ur lighting setup

Anyone thought of a name yet?

thats pretty cool… the first thing that came to my head when i saw that, was ’ That Sinkin’ Feelin’’ but thats a bit cack rli… better name would suit alot more…:slight_smile:

good light setup… are you using Photon Mapping then?

I like the name the sinking feeling, and yes, I am using Photon mapping ill show you my settings in a minute, one other thing, is what objects could i add to the chests of drawers?

Alarm clock, Phone, Remote control, Mp3,4, Miniature T.V, anything else, Water Glass…so on, nice work!

i would say just an alarm clock on the left draws… dont want to overcrowd it…

oh, and the lamp on the right… i wonder what this scene will look like with that lit… what you think?

@Unrealbeing: Do you think I could replace the drawers with something a little more modern? That’s the kind of look im going for.
Here are the settings:
And some more progress

The black glass on the left drawer is supposed to be clear glass but it keeps rendering black, i would appreciate if anyone could help me with this issue, and i am still working on it.

I like a Firm Mattress

hmm.“to soft a bed”? lol idk

nice renders, I have no experience with yafaray but that looks like your rays aren’t penetrating the surface, try upping the raydepth value.

as for a name, maybe ‘Soft’?

“Deep sleep”

Those are all great names, but ‘deep sleep’ is just sheer genius :smiley:

Those are all really great names, but ‘deep sleep’ is just sheer genius :D:D:D

I’ve made an alarm clock, hopefully in keeping with the same theme?
I’m going to call this project finished now, just one more final render with the hand.

haha, the image is pure ingenuous!

Title suggestion: “inescapable”,“futile resistance”, or “modern cave”

If you were to add sheets and a blanket, I think it would be a nice touch. Though I have no idea how you would do so.

Glad you liked the name. Good render - Keep blending :wink:

That would be a great idea, but i don’t know where i would even start at doing that:confused:

In my humble opinion - a nice blanket draped over the side with a nice pattern like tiger skin or something that falls into the hole would be interesting. Make it tilted so it’s not aligned with the bed. Maybe set up a few pillows sitting on the top of the bed on the head area?

EDIT: as for achieving that you could use the cloth simulator to let a plane fall and lay over the bed side