Need a place to host your images?

I noticed that some people are having difficulty finding a suitable place to host their images. I just setup a site that you can use if you want. It isnt really done yet but I think the gallery software is up and running correctly. I bought the name but I think the dns servers will take a day or so to update, untill then If you would like to use it the url is
If anyone uses it and has any problems let me know. I have never used the gallery software before. It is basically in beta. I have 5GB of bandwith a month and around 300MB of space so I can handle a hundred or so user galleries. And there are no ads or popups.

arr ok, you are using coppermine gallery

CPG-Nuke which is a branch off php nuke has coppermine built directly into it. if that is any usefull info for you

there is also a software title simply called “Gallery” which i have running at that i use for the public gallery.

and another user has free hosting at his site that runs gallery,

which can be put into nuke sites with ease

illegal_op, its always good to have more places to have free image uploading around the blender community, so keep up the awsome work :smiley:

if you submitt your site to the links section, then i will add the link to your site (when i next add the links LOL, which will hopefully be in a week or two)

and nice site BTW.


Thank you!
I was afraid that people would get the wrong impression and think I was tring to steal users away from this site.

I will be working on the site all weekend so there will be more features and content added constantly.


well i do have one question for you about the site. and that is.

what does it offer that is not already available in the community?

i have found over time that sites who just copy what is already there, don’t always succeed, whereas sites that add somthing new to the community will add to it, rather than compeating with places like elysiun.

i am not judging your site based on this at all, is not my bussiness to do so.

its just a question you need to ask yourself.

blenderman worked for a very good reason, and was a big hit within a month or so.

it offered somthing new.


Well the main goal I had in mind was ad free image hosting. But I am going to make sections for tutorials and downloads. I also have a few ideas in mind for unique features, but I don’t want to say anything until I have them up and running.
I noticed that elysiun does not get updated much and that blendermans future was uncertain.

If you are upset that I posted this here, I truly am sorry I didn’t think I was breaking any rules. If I did I will delete this post.


when did i say it shouldn’t be posted here.

i wasn’t asking for justification, nor saying your site is bad or uneededed.

i am just “challenging you” as a form of self discovery and personal growth.

i am not hassling you idea, efforts, or anything else, infact i respect it because i know how hard these things are, and how much effort they take.

but seriously i am trying to help you.

i want to see the best website you can possibly add to the blender community.

look at the other websites around, and then find your nitch, you will be garenteed a userbase in this case.

for example look at stephen2002’s website solarflare studios. it offered free image hosting, and had a forum, and other various blender things. but did it have a userbase? not particularly.

good amount of effort put into it, and offered some good things, but it never found a nitch.

i think that if you look you will be able to find somthing to offer that is totally awsome, and will then be able to geta good followoing of people to your site.

but please understand i am not trying to stop you from doing things, nor am i trying to discourage you.

take what i have said over the last posts, and then “think about it”. no need to defend yourself, i am not trying to attack you.

i respect what you are doing and am trying to challenge you to make somthing that will be better then you had hoped for.

being an industrial design student i guess i take critism for granted, everything someone tells you can be used to help you. don’t be discouraged be inspired.

i hope anything i have said has helped in some way.


I dont think theres any problem with the post, hes just saying that sites that dont offer anything new tend not to do so well.

I would advise something: Dont allow hotlinking. I do and Woooheee! I have had my hosting up for just over 5 months and have had 888565 hits. And 22 gigs of bandwidth sucked up.

What you are offering is great and keep it up, the community needs more people like you giving things for free.


You didn’t, And I’m sorry if my post seemed to make that assumption. :expressionless:
I just don’t want to step on anybodys toes.

I do appreciate what you are tring to say and I am listening. I am working on a plan to have contests with actual prizes :slight_smile:
And a few other things that would make people want to hang out there. I work full time but I have an hour or two each day to work on the site and hang out here.
My son loves to watch me create 3D images on the computer which motivates me to work on stuff like this.

I think only allowing hotlinking to elysiun would really save a lot of bandwidth. Also not allowing movies would be good.

the galelry software you are using (coppermine) makes it really easy to limit file sizes, and such. i have had no problems with bandwidth when using coppermine.

you can also limit the file formats to JPG so that people don’t upload png images.


I have setup a 1MB limit for standard users, But I als made “user groups” that have upto 5 MB. Users who add to the site and/or answer questions in the forums will be moved up to more storage. That is my little way of giving them something for helping out.