need a possible bug confirmation

hi everyone.
i found yesterday a possible bug with svn blender, and i need confirmations before i send a bugreport. on irc everyone was busy so i thought i try here.

im using win xp sp2

please download the .blend file and load it into a recent svn blender.

  1. render, and notice that the cube`s shadow has a hole in it. clicking the “auto” icon for shadow clip start/end solves it, though not sure about this one. should this happen anyway?
  2. now change the shadow colour from black to pure red, and render. the shadow disappeared. (if not, then i was leaving the autoclipping buttons on from the first step). anyway, if you get a nice coloured shadow just try to change it and render a few times, you gona see that the shadow disappears, change the colour again and the shadow now renders, change it again, it disappears…

thanks in advance

my shadow with no autoclip always has a hole in it.

i find the “render=shadows are there, change shadow colour and render again=shadows are missing” stuff quite interesting. i dont think this is a planned feature, or im just missing something here? :frowning:
i downloaded from graphicall the latest win svn build (because i thought i might have some missing declarations in my, however the situation is the same.