Need a proper Character Rigging


I need someone who will do a proper Character Rigging for a character which is already done - it is a simple chibi character. Right now the human rig with automatic weights doesn’t work very well and I need somebody who can fix that.

The rigid body doesn’t have to be complicated (for example, 2 bones for every arm and leg, bones for fingers and the neck are not necessary), but it has to work properly with the whole model and has proper weights.

This is a paid job, but the price is to be negotiated.

PM me if you are interested or have any other questions.

UPDATE 1: I’ve already found someone who can do the rigid body for me. However, it is not done yet so if there will be any issues I may reopen this offer.
UPDATE 2: The model has been finished. Thanks everyone for your interest.

I send u a PM.

I don’t know how to PM on this Vbulletin though. Erm. I’ll try.