Need a realistic rabbit model - Fully Rigged

Hello all,

I am in need of a 3D model of a bunny rabbit.

Realistic (like this image:
Pose Ready (including paws, eyelids, and tail)
Solid (for 3D printing - eyeballs but no eye sockets, mouth but sealed throat, etc…

Does NOT need:
Moveable eyes
Textures or UV unwrap
Advance or custom Rig/Pose controls (I can manually move the bones)

I’m going to be using it for 3D prints, so it doesn’t need to be textured. Does not need any fur. Eyes will not be animated (but the eyelids will). It should be able to be posed as a real bunny would move. Paws should be bendable at the joints and should spread and close, realistic ear joints, moveable tail, etc…

The rig should be simple. I do not need customized controls. I can move, rotate, and scale the bones however I see fit for posing the rabbit. It should be ready for posing - no need to worry about animation. With or without any IK setups are fine - no preference.

Please send me your rate, projected time frame, and demo reel/portfolio link. Thank you for your interest.

Would you settle for Motion Tween, rather than a Rig? I am not very experienced in rigging, but rest I can do. I have experience in 3D Printing, and I even own a desktop 3D Printer… You can view my portfolio here. I could rig it, if you’re adamant it has to be rigged, but it wouldn’t be complicated at all, which you did say you were fine with…
That aside, here’s what I’m looking at for time and money…
I’d say this job will take about 1 week, but could last as long as 2 weeks, to get realistic detail, and keep it 3D Printable (or able to be easily edited to be 3D printable).
I’m going to say $100 to get what you’re asking for… It’s going to take a lot of work, as unlike cows, deer, bear, and so many other mammals, rabbits have a very odd and awkward build, and it will be quite difficult to get right…
Anyhow, that’s my proposal, feel free to send me a private message if you’re interested, and once again, you can view my portfolio here, or email me at [email protected]

Hi Joey.
Thank you for your interest in the project and your submission. I have decided to award the project to a different designer. The other designer has portfolio and demo reel examples that showed the actual Blender rigs he used in his animations, so i was able to easily tell that he could satisfy my requirements. His demo reel showed a very realistic dinosaur walking around as well. Those were the main reason for selecting the other designer. I thought it would be fair to just let you know what was going on while I was marking this thread “solved”. Good luck in all your future projects! Thanks again for your interest.

Angel Roldan
Director, Brand Application

Completely understandable, and I would have made the same choice :wink: Good luck with the project :slight_smile: