Need a Santa Claus Model

Hello everyone!

I’m wanting to do a Christmas animation with my kids and am looking for a Santa Claus model already made. Anyone have one they wouldn’t mind sharing? Don’t mind if it’s pretty basic. Just need a character I can animate with my kids. Thanks!

I’ve made a cartoon character you could use…

It is almost a start point, because the rig is fine for beginners. You could model a santa claus and apply my rig by bone heat or bone envelopes.

Thanks bro,

I’m not sure how ot use bone heat or envelopes yet, but I’ll try to hit some tutorials.

Take a look at this release document about envelopes and here bone heat.

Actual i’ve made some standard actions for my character like walking, running, jumping and sneaking. These actions can easy used in the NLA editor for videos. Soon i will provide the file after a first try of myself.

Pay yourself $10.00 bucks an hour and 4-9 hours you could have a professional model.

Thanks for the link Atom. Wish I could afford to just buy one of those, would save me a ton of time. So, those files are 3dsmax files, anyone know if there is there a way to get those to work with blender?

Yeah you can import them…

.3DS, NOOOOT .MAX. Just so you don’t waste your money, I spent hours searching for a .max importer, no, I didn’t find it.
The .3ds import script comes with Blender.

Cinema4D will import MAX files. I have not tried the demo, it just might (at least for 30 days). Or just use the 3DSMax demo for 30 days.

If you do purchase, avoid 3Ds files, thier mapping is based upon verticies instead of faces. Just look for OBJ files.

Yeah, I was able to import the .3ds file fine into blender, just not a very good model (but hey, it was free!). Thanks for your help guys.

Anyone know any good links to tuts out there that’ll help me add facial hair to a model? Having a hard time doing that. Or at least something that’ll help me attach a separate object so that it’ll move with the one I attach it to.

If you model the hair as a polygon object, you can parent it to the face with ctrl-p.
If you make a copy of the polygons in the face of the model and hit ‘P’ to separate, you can then use particles and choose ‘hair’ to make facial hair. Switching to ‘editable’ will allow you to grow and add the hair, and there are wonderful things you can do with it to make a cool looking Santa.

I have ported the Santa from the link above to Blender
and made a simple rig for him with bone heat vertex groups.

I am curios about your animation you wanna do for Xmas.
Do you have already a story?


Awesome! Thanks you guys. Yeah, I’ve made a little adaptation of the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas poem my kids and I will act out. Wanted to use footage with OUR house though, so thought an animated Santa would work out well. Won’t look totally realistic with live actors, but that’s ok. It’s mostly for the kids anyway. You guys rock, thanks for all your help!