Need a Sci-Fi Bird head model. Paid job

I need a sculpt of this bird head part only, with many more paying jobs to follow.
Get in touch if you want to model.

hello what kind of sculpt is that? 2d? 3d? your reference kinda tells me that its a bass relief sculpt that you r looking for?

It’s full 3D, part of a Viking helmet, I have a front sketch also. It’s for CNC machining out of aluminium, to make props.


ok so its a small 3d print or something more like a real size prop? i can do the job for you.

are you still there? i leave you a pm…

Job filled, thanks all who contacted.

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My name is Patrick, I love birds, and heads and can also model and sculpt. My artstation : Please let me know if you’re interested. Hope to hear back from you :slight_smile: